The Father Effect Short Film – Forgiving My Absent Father Who Died

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Tiêu đề video: The Father Effect Short Film – Forgiving My Absent Father Who Died

Độ dài: 00:14:58, Ngày đăng: 2012-06-14 22:30:40

Tác giả: The Father Effect with John Finch

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The Father Effect FREE 15 Min Film- Forgiving My Absent Father tells John Finch’s remarkable story & journey of forgiveness, shares incredible stories of wisdom about how to be a better dad and gives invaluable insight into the significant & lifelong impact of fathers on both men, women, and families.
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John seeks to break down the barriers that prevent men and women from addressing deep rooted anger and hurt from the wounds they have suffered in this life by candidly and openly sharing his story, his failings, and his path to a new way of life. John’s mission is to educate, encourage and equip men to become the fathers they were created to be, and to help men walk in daily awareness of their significant and lifelong influence as fathers. John has been married for 25 years. has three daughters and lives near Dallas, Texas and he is the founder of The Perfect Father Ministries Inc, a 501(c) non-profit.

Following the far-reaching impact of The Father Effect short film, filmmaker John Finch narrates this full length documentary, detailing his own struggles of growing up without a dad, how it influenced his life, his insights into his own father wound, the life-changing power of forgiveness, and his overwhelming desire as a fatherless man to find his way as he raises three young daughters. While in the midst of this journey to find forgiveness for his dad, John had no idea how it would radically change his life forever as a man, husband, and father.

This story, a project that took 5 years to complete, is about John, but it’s also a story about the millions of others that have grown up and who are growing up without a father, and the significant and lifelong impact fathers have on their children and the generations that follow them. In The Father Effect documentary John takes a real and difficult look at his own father’s life and eventual suicide, and shares inspiration and insight for children and fathers everywhere who need to be encouraged and inspired. Throughout the film, John shares the powerful father stories of people from all walks of life, including a former exotic dancer, a drug addict, a former All-American & NFL quarterback, prison inmates, millionaires, counselors, best-selling authors (including John Eldredge – Wild At Heart & Dr. Meg Meeker – Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters), and many other ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

0:00 Introduction
0:20 My dad and suicide
2:49 Growing up without a father
3:26 The father wound
3:39 Fatherless daughters and sons
4:16 Father wound statistics
5:02 Absent fathers effects on daughters & sons
5:30 Prisoner story
6:19 Impact of a father wound
6:42 Fear based decision making
7:14 My dad’s gambling addiction
7:35 Abandonment & my addiction
8:40 Why men struggle with fatherhood
9:26 Forgiveness
11:25 The worse thing a father can do
11:58 A dad’s presence versus his presents
12:43 The best thing a father can do
14:29 Your greatest calling in life

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35 thoughts on “The Father Effect Short Film – Forgiving My Absent Father Who Died”

  1. Hello brother i am your brother in christ from Greece he that give you the Greek translation for the father efect short version. I am glad to see that i could help and give a small hand for the message could go out. Love you.

  2. This is excellent, albeit so very sad too….I was blessed, I had a really wonderful Dad. However, there needs to be more emphasis on women's effect on men too, as we are The Mothers of The Future Fathers. Right now, there's a war against men going on, radical feminism has been waging this for decades. Men have been made to feel that they are no longer needed, or wanted, save for to provide the 'other half' of the child at conception. This is a HUMAN problem, not just a MAN one, but a Woman's One too. Women need to stand up and say that MEN MATTER and that we love them. We also need to teach children to be great parents, at school…and to stop filling their heads with 'scientific maths' instead of Love, Respect, Self-Respect and Compassion.

    We ALSO need to understand that there are parents, both mothers and fathers, who are on the Autism Spectrum and who thus, through no fault of their own, don't relate to their children terribly well, sometimes, not at all, depending where they might be on the spectrum. They are not able to feel or 'read' the emotions of others at all well, so they won't pick up on unhappiness too easily, nor the reasons for it.

    Around 1 in 8 folks now have Autism…that's a lot of parents, children and prospective parents to think about. And, it's another reason why teaching our children how to be good parents matters so much, as some need to have this explained, in the same way children need to hear, as they grow older, that not all parents CAN love their childre and not all children CAN love their parents either.

    How many men no longer feel needed, I wonder, as a gender? There's a lot of misandric hatred going on and it's got horrendously worse with the Weinstein stories…Misandric hatred of men is AS bad as misogynistic hatred towards women.

    At the end of the day, life is short, far shorter than many of us think and we need, as a species, to start loving each other again, men and women, parents and children…and we need to create a society where parents can BE with their children too, for 'parents' have been turned into 'workers' trying to fit in bringing up their children around their work, when it should, of course, be the other way around.

    Children are SO precious and we have stopped centering our lives around them, materialism and financial pressures taking over.

    We ALL matter, men and women, mothers and fathers and children so NEED to have both their mothers and fathers in their lives as much as they possibly can.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts from England. xxx

  3. Half the stuff I should of learned from my father, I had to learn on my own. Basic stuff shaving changing a tire changing the oil. Just stuiped stuff. Now that im much older hes on this im a good dad I payed child support bruh I needed more then money

  4. For those of us who are in special education today there put us in there because we don’t have any father’s at any of our home I’m talking about real fathers not step father They love to make money off of disabled people seriously I have been going up without my real dad for 15 years my dad have left me since 2003 and they put me there because I didn’t want anything from my real father safely I blame him for everything in my life I want to say thank you to my family for helping me with my problems I have in Society. Special ed teachers they failed me on purpose because they made sure that I will never get a real job at never go to any real so I just want to say to my real father thank you for destroying my life thank you for making my life miserable right now I see my father for 15 years so I don’t know he is alive or dead

  5. I have to say this,I grew up with out a father he walked out on us when we were toddlers 4-3-2-1 those were the age of my self and siblings, we had a step father from hell, which didn't help and all my brothers had a hard time growing up every one of them used drugs or went to jail sad but true, the kids that had father's didn't make it an easier for us, and I will tell you one thing it did effect us all even when we lied and said it didn't, I remember seeing my father after 15 years and he took out his hand to shake my hand i wanted to punch him in the eye,after that experience i didn't care if I ever saw him again and that's sad too, so to all you men who walk around telling people you have kids but never took care of them ,feed them, cloth them or even bothered to look for them, there's a place for you i won't say where but your day will come I give credit to the step-father who helped raise a child that wasn't biological and gave that child all his love, respect, and put the child first, and spiritually made that child an awesome person, that's a real dad and man .🤗

  6. I was raised in a deeply spiritual home; I had both my father and my mother all my life…I was very blessed and I have been so thankful all my life for this.

  7. So Sad to watch this short movie. I am also have a same story like this. I grown up with no father in my life, My parent got divorce since I was a baby.. I grown with unstable emotion, brutal, to much angry in my life… Thanks for the Inspiring Movie.

  8. My father was there but he didn't know how to be a father or a husband. He hurt my mom and my brothers, physically and emotionally. And he hurt me sometimes too.
    I don't understand why. He had a father, and a great one at that. His father was also a good husband, so I don't understand why my father didn't know how to be a dad.

  9. omg this is the first coment i am actualy writing i just want to say missing something is missing something nomather whath…nothing more to say i guess that's my first dumb coment

  10. I grew up without a father but it wasn't until I adopted my daughter did I realized the importance of a male role model or father. I can love them all I want but a mother's love is only part of what makes us whole. You have choices in your life about the decisions you make and the way you chose to live. Saying I'm like this because I didn't have my dad in my life is not entirely true. But having a strong male role model in a child's life is greatly important.

  11. I Really Enjoyed Viewing The Film – Thank You For Having Shared – To Those That Have Went Through That I Have So Much Empathy – Hopefully In Time Things Will
    Change & They Will Gain Strength And Rise Against All Obstacles That Had Been Laid Before Them – Much Success To You In All Your Endeavors  …  Peace & Blessings  Symone

  12. Does this program work for a pedophilic and violent, abandoning father who hasn't changed? When I was 20 I tried to reconnect to my father, and he told me he wanted to f#@% me [have sex] with me. I am so broken up inside; I keep saying that I forgive him, but I know that I haven't. Can you help me? God Bless.

  13. This is so true! Now that I'm an adult, I see now more then ever how not having a Dad in my life has impacted me. 

  14. My daughter is only 4 years old, her father consistently breaks promises to come and see her. I have to pick up the pieces when she cries and is confused when he lets her down. I honestly do not know what to do…. im running out of excuses

  15. Thanks so much Christine for your kind words of encouragement! We are doing our best to spread the word about this epidemic. Our hope is that more will become aware and find healing and forgiveness. And we greatly appreciate your willingness to help spread the word! Thank again! John

  16. Dear John….thank you thank you thank you for shedding light on what must be the single biggest epidemic in our society….you are a genious and, I am sure, from hereonin a life saver to so very many hurting kids…..will share, share, share this to spread your voice and words of encouragement….<3 <3 <3

  17. Thanks so much! We can definitely use your help in spreading the word. We are raising funds to make the full length film now. Love to connect on Twitter @johnpfinch and @thefathereffect. Thanks again!

  18. So sorry to hear your story. YouTube only allows me a certain number of characters to reply, so please go to our website The Father Effect listed in the description (YouTube won't even allow me to post a link) and email me. I will be more than happy to help. Look forward to hearing from you. John

  19. i have shared this with my single friends…
    Your movie short is astounding on a personal level and spoke to my heart. I hear you. My dad chose to leave our family and has been an absent father since i was about 6 years old.
    He is a stranger. My step-dad was my dad 🙂 And recently passed away. I am struck at the stats in the clip and glad my mum and step-dad fought for my love and trust so i am who i am today.
    But yes there is still a wound.. tell me how you heal that level of loss ?

  20. I am so sorry.1st of all, know that u are not alone & that there are millions of people going through the same thing with a dad who has abandoned them.As much as ur mom tried to fill the hole, she cannot.She doesn't have the tools to be a dad.YouTube will only let me respond w/ a certain number of characters & won't allow email or website links in my response, so email me by going to our website listed in the description & I can give you the details on how to overcome & move forward. John

  21. Thanks so much Beverly for your kind words! God is awesome and has used bad for good. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my story. Thanks again! I greatly appreciate your comments!

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